Germany in shock after prime-time TV accident

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On Sunday 5th December, 2010 German audience fall in shock due to Europe’s most popular Prime-time TV shows ‘Wetten, dass…?’ Contestant Samuel Koch was in ICU with serious spine injuries after stunt in which he jumped over a car.

Photo: REUTERS/Hermann J. Knippertz/Pool

On Saturday, during the television show Samuel Koch jumped over car in Duesseldorf, western Germany. When Koch jumped over a third car during a bet he lost his control and fell and was badly injured.

This is the first time happened in the 29-year-long history. After this incident, TV show host Thomas Gottschalk took a decision to stop the show for the first time since he began hosting it in 1987. After an accident Koch was quickly moved to the University Hospital of Dusseldorf where he recovered consciousness and was able to speak.

Before this stunt he had already jumped over moving car many times. Always he does stunt by wearing spring-loaded stilts. During this stunt, Koch was wearing a knee pads chest protector and a helmet. He had taken only 4 minutes to somersault over five cars. Unfortunately, this time 23-year-old, Koch ended with lying motionless face-down on the floor. Before this shows, Koch had already fallen “badly” two times in rehearsals.

According to the ZDF “Koch had suffered “serious spinal injuries” and had been put into an artificial coma after doctors operated on him for two and a half hours”.

On Sunday, in the late news on national television, Thomas Gottschalk was interviewed and defending the decision to permit Koch attempts his stunt.

As per the solemn Gottschalk statement, “In 29 years we have had lots of dangerous bets, young people climbing up walls and one young man who jumped over a house on a skateboard and the worst we have ever had is a broken leg.” He also said, “I ate with the young man (Koch) and I was reassured to see how much he was looking forward to the show, how motivated he was … I am so sorry that it ended like this.”

As per the viewer’s views the future of the show appears uncertain because the stunts had become increasingly risky over the years.

The influential Spiegel magazine said on its website, “Even if the contestant gets better, as hopefully he will, there will definitely be consequences from this accident.”

Samuel Koch accident video from youtube:

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