New Honda EV Prototypes to be revealed at Geneva

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New Honda EV Concept electric vehicle is scheduled to reveal soon in Geneva, beside a platform for mid size plug-in hybrid vehicles. The concepts will show the current technology of hybrids as part of Honda’s Road to Zero Emissions. The plug-in vehicles’ near-future technology and the ultimate aim of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, such as Honda’s FCX Clarity will also be shown in concepts at Geneva.

New Honda EV Prototypes to be revealed at Geneva

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Both vehicles are integral to the company’s wide-ranging approach to decrease CO2 emissions by innovative products, energy-management and energy-production technologies. The direction and styling for the Fit EV, upcoming production battery electric vehicle of Honda is suggested by the Honda EV Concept. In 2012, The Fit EV will be launched in the U.S. and Japan. Honda’s next-generation, two-motor hybrid technology, which is set to introduce in 2012, is displayed by the all-new plug-in hybrid platform.

The plug-in hybrid is designed by Honda Company to well-match the every day driving requirements permitting for short, common tours in all-electric mode, whereas providing long-distance driving capability when required. All-electric, petrol-electric and an engine direct-drive mode are three different modes through which Honda two-motor system constantly moves. Regenerative braking is also used by the plug-in hybrid to charge the battery. An anticipated 160 km (100 mile) driving range per charge, with the use of the US EPA LA4 city cycle, will be achieved by Honda EV Concept.

With the use of an innovative 3-mode electric drive system, which is adapted from the 2011 Honda CR-Z sporty hybrid, driving range of this concept can be maximized. Some interactive coaching systems will be included by the Honda EV Concept to help the driver in maximizing battery range. A glimpse at the future of an electric-charging infrastructure that is easy to use and intuitive for consumers will be provided by the Honda EV Concept.

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