Maruti Suzuki RX: Specifications and Photos

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Maruti Suzuki RX model is creating a buzz in the automobile industry. Learn more about Maruti Suzuki RX specification, competitors and lots more.

For a common man, car is just not a word but it is a desire, a passion even more than that. Generally, everyone dreams to own a car despite of his financial status. With the passing time, more and more car is being introduced in the market still there are some brands, which are very famous among people… and one such car manufacturer is Maruti Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki is ruling over of the heart of the people since long time. Changes are the law of nature and this is somehow the belief of the India’s largest car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki. It is the favorite brand of the common Indian and its models like Maruti 800, Swift are the most loved by people.

Maruti Suzuki RX model

Maruti mainly deals in small car but with the rising need of Upper Middle and Upper Class it is undertaking the need of these classes also. Maruti is planning to introduce a new model in market by the end of 2017. This product of Maruti will have the looks and design of the rival automobile company’s model Toyota Innova. The Maruti new model codename is RX. One of the reason behind the success of Innova in India could be that people still live in joint family and for traveling together, they need a large spacious vehicle and Innova is one such car that it is meant to complete this need.

It is expected that the RX model features will be much better than that of its Ertiga model. Much details about the car is not revealed yet but it is expected that it would definitely be manufactured keeping in mind the need of a large family size. Keeping in mind the growth of Indian market in multi-utility vehicle (MUV) or multi-purposes vehicle (MPV) segment, this coded Maruti model will probably going to have either a crossover or a MPV. According to sources and an industry executive, RX model will be a multi-utility vehicle but the specific is not revealed yet.

The current scenario is that you can’t afford to ignore the juicy segment of MPV, if you want to have a large piece of share in your part. In last 2-3 years, compound annual growth rate has increased over 18%.

As Toyota Innova was introduced in year 2005, it has ruled over the mind of the people since that time. The coded model RX is expected to be eight seater car, keeping in mind the concept of joint family in India. Eight seater car means the concept of 2+3+3 occupants in each row. Along with that it will be powered by a diesel engine. It would be Maruti’s first diesel engine based car.

This new model is expected to arrive in 2017. The interior of the car is expected to be larger than Ertiga. There has been talk that Mr. C.V Raman would be the chief engineer of Model RX. There has also been talk about the engine that RX is under the stages of development in Japan. Maruti Suzuki and Suzuki are working together for this model. The company has already started working on the engine, so it is expected that it will be ready by the late 2014.

After four years, it would be interested to note whether Maruti RX will able to meet the expectation of people or not. Also it is necessary to know whether it will give a tough competition to Toyota Innova or not. Till the time, we have option other than wait and let’s hope that it would be proven a great model in the Automobile industry.

Maruti Suzuki RX model side look
Maruti Suzuki RX model front look
Maruti Suzuki RX model eight seater look

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