Embarrassing Schoolies Photos is New Nuisance of Social Media

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Embarrassing Schoolies photographs of Schoolies Week celebrations flooding social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Every year, thousands of Australian students travel to Queensland’s Gold Coast for Schoolies celebrations. The notorious weeklong celebration has witnessed about 30,000 teens this year. Recently, the very worst of Schoolies Week celebrations has been revealed via Social Media. Students are sharing...  Read More

How to Login to Login & manage federal thrift savings account?

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Go through the log in guide of thrift saving plans and create account at by fulfilling eligibility to get benefits of general and residential loans. The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a special retirement saving and investment plan for United State’s federal employees, member of uniformed service and the Ready Reserve. TSP has been also defined as a contribution plan meaning: you will get total amount of your...  Read More

A to Z Manulife Bank Login Guide for Users

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Login at Manulife bank website ( and take advantage of online banking facility offered like pay bills online, view account balance, do transactions any time, and more. In future, when we tell our children that we used to go at a bank to pay bills they will be amazed and laugh…. as in this modern period, online banking has changed the way of traditional banking. Online banking is a major aspect of...  Read More

JCPenney Black Friday 2014: Ad Flyer, Deals and Discount Code

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Visit JCPenney during Black Friday sale to do shopping of clothing, electronics, furniture, household stuff and save money on exciting deals and coupons. Black Friday is most delighting day for every shopaholic person. On nationwide shopping day, shopping lovers grab special and incredible deals to purchase their favorite products like electronics, clothes, household items and even kid’s stuff. JCPenney has opened briefest...  Read More

Store Hours and Timing on Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2014

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Check out Store opening hours and timing for Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2014 of retailers like Macy’s, JC Penney, Sears, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Target, Kmart etc. Black Friday is almost here – that special time of year when retailers offer unprecedented discounts & deals and shoppers go absolutely crazy buying goods & stuff. This Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally thought of as the official...  Read More

26 old Afton Elaine Burton to marry 80 year old Murderer Charles Manson

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The 26 years old Afton Elaine Burton is marrying the 80 year old murderer Charles Manson for public attention. We all know the phrase that “love is blind” and here is a perfect example of that. The 26 years old girl named Elaine Burton wants to marry a notorious monster behind bars named Charles Manson who is old enough to be her grandfather. The age difference between them is of 54 years. The 80 years old Manson...  Read More

Staples and Radio Shack Black Friday 2014: Ads flyer, Deals & Discount

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Black Friday, the ultimate shopping day is just around the corner so shoppers looking for tech deals must check out Staples and Radio Shack’s Black Friday 2014 Sales. With the month of November in full swing, shopaholics are eagerly waiting for the biggest shopping day, Black Friday to get some good stuff at discounted prices. It’s the time when all the department stores and retailers offer great deals and huge discounts...  Read More

Best Answers of What will you do when you find that you will die in 1 hour?

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How would you react and what would you do if you come to know that you’re gonna die in one hour? Here are some interesting responses. Death is the only certain thing in human life, but when, how and where it will happen is totally uncertain. You never know when death will hit you and take your life away. Just imagine you suddenly found that you had only one more hour to live! What would you do? Of course, the thought...  Read More

The Story Behind #AlexFromTarget

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Check out here the story behind how a 16-year old young Target cashier from Texas became an Internet sensation overnight! Meet Alex Laboeuf – a teenage American boy who has become an internet sensation for absolutely no apparent reason. He rose to fame overnight after an anonymous customer took photo of him while bagging groceries at a Target retail store and posted it to Twitter. Needless to say, the picture quickly...  Read More

Win a trip to the 2014 New York City Comic Con

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Want to enjoy VIP trip for New York City Comic Con event? Then take a part in super hero stuff’s sweepstakes at for a chance to win a trip to the 2014 New York City Comic Con. New York comic con is the largest pop culture event which is dedicated to comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. Now, SuperHeroStuff is giving away you VIP trip to New York...  Read More