Mother and daughter gave baby birth at same time

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A mother Sally Peach, 42 and her daoughter Olivia Coxon, 21 has given birth to their child Luca and Morgan respectively with time interval of 2 months. Pregnancy is considered as one of the best time in woman’s life, because pregnancy makes woman feel everything about new life that gets nurture in her womb for 9 months. Have you ever thought how all situations are faced by two conceived mothers, who are already in relation...  Read More

Canon Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement of $4.4M get Approval

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Subject to court approval, Canon is ready to pay $4.4 million to settle wage-and-hour claims filed on behalf of service technicians. Get here complete info on How to claim? Canon is a world leader in imaging products and software. Even, it is rated second in number of employees category in its line, having its 196,968 employees (according to company reports in 2012). But on 21st August, 2012, the claim filed against Canon...  Read More

How to Identify pre-2005 Rupees Notes? : Deadline Date revealed

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Pre-2005 currency notes won’t be accepted any more in India soon. RBI announced new deadline date for exchanging these notes, that is 1st January 2015. Every country has its own type of currency, as ‘Dollar’ for USA; ‘Ruble’ for Russia; ‘Yen’ for Japan; ‘Riyal’ for Saudi Arabia; ‘Rial’ for Iran; ‘Qatari riyal’ for Qatar; similarly ‘Rupee’ for India. Currency gives people power of buying....  Read More

Reasons why brunettes are better than blondes

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Brunettes are said to be a better than blondes. Get some of the reasons why huge amount peoples like dazzling and charming brunettes more than blondes. Different people have different hair colors, and sometimes hair color is important to decide identity of the person. There are some communities that are distinguished by their hair color. Brunettes are the females having dark brown hair color, while blondes are the females...  Read More

How to Apply for LIC Housing Finance Assistant Recruitment 2014?

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LIC Housing Finance Assistant Recruitment 2014 is announced to fill up 100 vacancies for the post of Assistant of HFL. If interested… go through them online, just by clicking the link under the head ‘Careers’. LIC HFL (LIC Housing Finance Limited) is an Indian Housing Finance company that has its Registered and Corporate office at Mumbai. It was founded in 1989 by LIC (Life Insurance Corporation...  Read More

HUVr’s hoverboard Goes Viral : Facts about HUVr Flying Skateboard

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Getting confused whether the HUVr’s hoverboard videos are real or fake? Don’t worry, here are all the facts that you should know about HUVr Flying Skateboard video hoax. Almost all of us fall in love with hoverboards after watching the 1989 movie, “Back to the Future Part II”. After so many years, flying skateboard featured in the movie has come true. A series of videos from a mysterious technology company...  Read More