Maria Kang, Fitness Trainer got Controversy in Facebook

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Maria Kang, a mom of three children with fully toned body gets in controversy for asking a question, ‘What’s your excuse?’ Facebook is the best platform for sharing views and experiences with the virtual world. You get a lot of likes and praise via comments of your friends and followers. But sometimes, it can be reciprocated with negative response, as your statements or opinions are misunderstood. Same has been...  Read More

Tall Athletes with their tiny Wives

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Explore here some of the mismatch height couple. Here are some of the Tall Athletes with their tiny wives and the reason behind their long term relationships. Height doesn’t matter for tall husband and short wife, and what matter is love for each other. Someone has said very true that don’t judge a book by its cover. Finding a perfect partner for oneself is not an easy task as nobody is perfect. To get a good...  Read More

TVS Jupiter: Specs, Price and Review

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TVS Jupiter is total update from TVS after launching Wego. Check out specifications, price and review to compare with rivals of this segment. Whether it is a college girl, a housewife, an angry young man or old uncle, scooter is always the favorite vehicle of any Indian irrespective of their gender and age. Recently two wheeler Chennai renowned company TVS has introduced its new TVS Jupiter in the market. Scooter is always...  Read More

2014 Toyota Innova Facelift Price for Petrol and Diesel leaked

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Toyota will soon launch its new car model 2014 Toyota Innova Facelift. Read on to know more about 2014 Toyota Innova Facelift and price of both petrol as well as diesel models. With the festive season around the corner, the automobile companies are also trying to add more charm in your happiness by launching new car models. How Toyota can be far from this list? Toyota – one of the leading companies in automobile...  Read More

Is Aaron Aziz Dead or just Internet Hoax?

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Is Aaron Aziz the Singaporean actor really dead or just another internet hoax? Find out here the truth behind Aaron Aziz Death story. Most of the time celebrities become the prey to internet hoax death and now Aaron Aziz has joined the list. In the past two days, you may have encountered with the news that the Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz died while skiing in Switzerland. Hey…it is just a rumor; he is just fine and...  Read More