Cafe Cuba: New Parle’s Cola Drink

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Finally Parle Agro has made its mind in making the re-entry into the carbonated soft drinks. After selling its popular soft drink brands Limca, Thums Up, Citra and Gold Spot to Coca-Cola with a non-compete agreement for 10 years in the year 1993, Parle Agro will enter into Rs 15,000-crore cola market. The soft drink manufacturer will enter in early 2014 with the ‘Cafe Cuba’, a coffee-flavored carbonated drink....  Read More

Joint home loan in India: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Home is dream of everyone… some buy a large while some are happy with their small one. But it might be not possible for everyone to be in reach of that dream. Sometimes, it is possible that your home loan cost may be more than your individual income so here you have the option of joint home loan. You may share the amount of loan with your spouse or other family member. A joint home loan is a loan which is taken...  Read More

Things to know about Eiza Gonzalez

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The 23-year-old Eiza Gonzalez is little-known Mexican actress and singer who has taken the Internet by storm since she emerged as Liam Hemsworth’s sultry new love interest. Eiza pictures have appeared in which she is kissing Liam Hemsworth. Since then, she has become a viral search term on internet in the U.S. People are madly surfing the internet to get information about her. Those who are not familiar with this new...  Read More

How to Apply and Track HDFC Credit Card?

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Credit cards are really popular nowadays because of their convenient use. Some years ago, it was little uncomfortable to carry lots of money in purse while going out for shopping or going on vacation. But due to almost all banks’ credit card facility, it becomes really easy for people to access their bank account without visiting their bank branch physically and still being capable of doing almost all banking transactions....  Read More