Records of remittances sent to India in 2012

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There are many Indians who live in different countries like US, Malaysia, Singapore, Gulf countries, etc. World Bank has published the report that Overseas Indians have sent the highest amount of foreign currency in India in 2012. As per the reports of World Bank, India has become the biggest recipient of global remittances in the world by receiving $69 billion in the year of 2012! Main cause of high value of remittances...  Read More

Upcoming Debit cum credit cards will replace Credit Cards and Debit cards

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Whether you want to book online tickets for movie, railway journey, air travel, etc. or want to do online shopping on different e-commerce sites, one most important thing you need to have with you is nothing but your credit/debit card and its password. Nowadays, it has become a trend or you can say need to have more than one credit/debit cards. With multiple credit/debit cards, it becomes little bit difficult to remember...  Read More

Banco Comafi Home Banking: Services & Features

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In today’s busy life, we don’t have time to visit bank during its fixed banking hours to carry out our day to day transactions. People can do all the banking transactions without visiting bank or waiting in long queues from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere else through home banking. Home banking can be enjoyed 24 hours a day, seven days a week using the internet, no matter where you are in the world. Home...  Read More

Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro is Samsung Galaxy S3 cheapest Alternative

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After capturing the Indian market with new smartphones, Samsung is enjoying this happy phase of it in the market. One after one market is flooded with the Samsung brand mobile phones. If you are looking for Samsung Galaxy S3, but could not afford it then here is good news for you as this Korean headset maker has decided to launch its new Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro in India at the price of Rs 17,290. Now talking about...  Read More

Vindoo Dara Singh is a villain of IPL spot-fixing

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Saying that a few apples spoil the bunch is very true for the IPL. Nowadays IPL has become the place for all types of controversies and many scandals. Recently, many celebrities’ names have come to light for spot-fixing. Now cricket is not a play to entertain people, but for few people it is the way to make more money through corruption. If these types of cases continuously increase, then the faith of people will not...  Read More

Pregnant Beyoncé expects another child

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Beyoncé, 31 and her rapper hubby Jay-Z, 43 welcomed their first baby girl Blue Ivy Carter on January 7, 2012. There are many rumors spread recently that this musical couple is expecting second child. The entertainment-news network and many other sources have confirmed that Beyoncé is pregnant for second time. Beyoncé is well-known American pop singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. Her husband Jay-Z is rapper and...  Read More

2014 New Hyundai i10 Diesel (BA) gets price and Specs for India

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Hyundai Motors India Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of Korean auto giant, is planning to launch the next generation version of its existing best selling car – Hyundai i10, in the domestic market. This refreshed i10 hatchback, which has been codenamed as BA, will come with a brand new 1.1-litre diesel engine. Interestingly, the Hyundai BA model is expected to sit between the current i10 and i20 models in terms of price,...  Read More

Leila Fowler’s 12-year-old brother Charged for Murder

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In today’s world, you may come across some of the news that you never thought that this kind of crime can happen in this world! Do, we have really lost our all humanity, respect and importance of our relations? U.S. police has arrested 12-year-old boy in the murder case of his 8-year-old sister! Leila Fowler was found puzzlingly stabbed at her home in the Northern California on April 27, 2013. Sheriff Gary Kuntz stated...  Read More

Karishma Kotak: Photos of Sexy IPL Anchor

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Model, TV presenter!!!! Never Born, Never Died… Meet the 30-year old sexiest – “Karishma Kotak”, British Indian model, actress and TV presenter who is anchoring IPL 6. She is hosting cricket based TV show of IPL 6, “Extraaa Innings” along with Maria Rao and IPL permanent host Samir Kochhar and Gaurav Kapoor. On the IPL pitch, she is capturing attention of audience by her outstanding anchoring...  Read More

How to check Costco Paystub on

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Earlier the employees used to get their salaries in cash, accompanied by a handwritten sheet of paper that constituted the details of the payment. After that, it was time of the printed paystubs, in which total salary including the taxes, funds and any other details were displayed. And now, many companies are providing the online access to paystubs for their employees. These pay stubs are often used as a communication...  Read More